COVID-19 Response

Hello Wahington Alliance Family and Friends,

We are open! Join us on site or online.

On site, we will be adhering to the most recent guidelines for Church gatherings. Because of the broad range of comfort levels of those interested in coming we must begin with grace.  Honoring the Lord is our focus and He commands us to be kind to one another.  Below are some important guideline to help you know what is your best choice for gathering, on site or online.

If you are sick or experiencing any compromising factors please join us online.  You, as always, are also encouraged to ask the Elders to pray for you.

If you are able to join us on site then we are asking everyone to arrive near 10:00am, come inside for service, and exit to the parking lot.

Service will be our condensed format of welcome, worship, prayer, and God’s Word.

Children are welcome to sit with their families. No children’s church or nursery services will be available at this time. A changing table is available in the nursery.

Signage and directional markings will help maintain traffic flow and social distancing.

Pews are taped off, allowing every other one to be used by a family group or individual.

The sanctuary will have 2 areas for seating. A ‘buffer’ section will allow for adequate spacing between the two areas.

Upon entry into our lobby,

On the left will be marked out for those able to wear a mask/face covering during our entire gathering.

On the right will be marked out for those who may or may not be able to wear a mask/face covering (for any health reason) at any time during our gathering.

Remember grace. Remember our focus: honoring the Lord.  Someone will greet you at the doors an give you guidance if needed.  Please follow foot traffic directions and sit in the designated areas.  Pray as we do all this unto the Lord with love for one another.


-Pastor Scott Wilson and The Esther 4:14 Response Team