Pastoral Epistles: Sola Ecclesia – Pastor David Schroeder

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What’s next? What’s the next huge tragedy to rock our country? Hurricanes and mass murders have taken center stage while terrorism and nuclear threat from rogue nations are lurking behind sheer curtains ready to destroy us. And every issue gets politicized to further divide and weaken our nation, which can’t even agree on how to honor our flag or national anthem.

Meanwhile, followers of Jesus gather in small groups. They are the Church, the only eternal society on planet earth. Sola ecclesia — only the Church will survive, and that’s why we must observe our Master’s mandates for Church leadership. 1.The Creation Mandate; 2:11-15, 2. The Overseer Mandate; 3:1-7, 3. The Server Mandate; 3:8-13, 4. The Church Mandate; 3:14-16