Profile of a Maturing Church: Bodies Matter – Pastor David Schroeder

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“Tomorrow is overrated” — that’s a commercial slogan for an alcoholic brand on TV these days. It reflects the contemporary mood of nihilism that results in abuse of the human body. Sensual indulgence, suicide, gluttony, extreme sports, and chemical addictions are various expressions of disregard of the body and the sacredness of life. Both the individual human body and the body of Christ are damaged by such carelessness. Notice these principles in our text chapters:

Sexual immorality is an offense against: 

God (6:9-10), One’s self (6:15-20), and The church (5:6-8)

A mature church knows:Sin can destroy the church (5:3-5) How to handle conflicts  (6:1-8) Our bodies are made for the Lord (6:12-14)