Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of person

would feel comfortable at WAC?

In short … anyone. Whether you’ve been following the life and teachings of Jesus for many years or are just now in the process of looking into it, you’d fit in fine at WAC. We’re casual in dress and formalities, contemporary in worship, and committed to the person and work of Jesus.


How would you describe

the messages you share

each Sunday?

Two words come to mind. The first word is Biblical. Why is that important? Because my words aren’t too life changing, but His are. The Bible is God’s conversation to everyone. Hearing what he has to say to us is the first step towards experiencing the life he intended for us.
The second word is relevant. The timeless truths found in the Bible are just as applicable today as they were when first penned a few thousand years ago. Christ’s teachings are meant to be “pasted” into our lives. Many at WAC can attest to God’s positive, transforming work in their lives and relationships as they learn and apply these truths to everyday living.

What’s an important value

you emphasize at WAC?

I’d have to say relationships! That’s why we exist. Think about it – people matter to God. The Bible clearly communicates how important we are to God. The fact that God continually offers the world an opportunity to have a relationship with him demonstrates this. We don’t come here so that God will value us, He already does. Rather, we value learning more about this God who went “out of His way” to offer us a relationship with Him. We know that people matter to each other. As the demands of life increase on us all, some of the things we value decrease, such as the amount of time spent in meaningful relationships. At Washington Alliance we have found that the more we meet together, the deeper our friendships grow. Our relationships grow stronger as we share the joys of life and help each other through the difficult times. We also meet together because God matters to us here at Washington Alliance. Despite a growing trend in our culture that questions God’s existence and relevance, many here can attest to how God has undeniably changed their lives for the better. Yeah, I believe relationships are important.


What would you say

to anyone reading this?

To those looking for a church, those currently disconnected from church, or even those who don’t know what to think of church, come on by some Sunday morning and give us a look over. We’d love to meet and get to know you.