Sunday Mornings


Join us Sunday Mornings at 10:00

When we meet together each week, our desire is nothing short of connecting with God and allowing God to connect with us.

Jesus said that whenever his followers gather together, God is present as well. It is with this in mind we seek to create an environment fitting for our God. We believe that heartfelt worship is not only fitting for God, but also one of the primary means to connecting with God. David, one of the Biblical authors, wrote “sing new songs of praise to him, play skillfully on the harp and sing with joy.” Our contemporary service is designed to offer:

  • New songs of praise to a God who works in new ways in our lives.
  • Skillful playing by offering God the best of our musical abilities.
  • Joyful singing as a result of our gratitude for all that he has done.

God’s primary means of connecting with us comes through the study of his word. Our Sunday morning teaching time is designed to be Biblical, practical, and relevant. The timeless truths found in the Bible are just as applicable today as they were when first penned a few thousand years ago. Many at WAC can attest to God’s positive, transforming work in their lives and relationships as they learn and apply these truths to everyday living.